Great news from the Apple rumor mortar that is little by little getting hold of believability is actually because of an iphone 5 rumor that was spread about a year ago. The iphone 6 is the latest invention from the hardworking and conscious engineers at the Apple office.  It is being said that this new invention will modernize the way the handlers interrelate with their touch screen phones.  In this fashion, Apple is trying it’s best to get this new invention branded, which makes us all know that it might even take many years . The iphone 6 release date is sometime at the end of 2013.

iphone 6The iphone 6 is without doubt the phone of the next generation. It may be a few months away from the date of release but it has been in the rumors and news quite a lot. This year, Apple is planning to leave the in-cell technology and assess a new display tool known as the touch-on display. It is supposed that the new iphone will have a wider screen, will be much thinner, lighter and for everyone to not just take pictures but also be able to share them. The iphone 6 rumors to have a 5g wi-fi gigabit and this bated breath has led hearsay.

The iphone 6 is assumed to be very simple and plain and will give the users the options of popping off options from their screens manually.  Apple knows very well what is being put forward for the 3D Apple handlers.  The iphone 6 news says that it will be the first iphone that will be able to enhance a few images on the screen in a 3D manner to draw attention to its magnitude.  Also, this phone will have an unconnected background muddle on the screen “puncture” to give the handler a more beautifully satisfying experience. This latest technology will actually come into play and be touted is basically on the game media and most of the internet applications.

This amazing phone will give the handlers the option not just to watch a video but to also be able to specifically lift an image while the rest of the images remain lowered on the screens.  The iphone 6 will get in the age of 3D and is all set to take the breath away of millions of Apple fans. This phone also will contain a dual processor which allows the users to access faster speed. The iphone 6 will have amazingly fast speed like a lightening. The iphone 6 rumors to be available for majority of networks which the iphone 5 does not.

Also, this phone is supposedly going to be the first environment friendly phone because it is going to make the case out of plastic materials instead of a polycarbonate case. This is one of the smartest moves by the apple engineers as the iso polymers seem to be more durable and can survive a firmer fall. This is the latest Apple invention for you.


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